French American Actor and Comedian Franck Amiack has been working in Hollywood since 2012 and is a member of SAG-AFTRA.

Born in France, Franck initially graduated from Conservatoire de Nice, Comedie de Saint Etienne and Paris Cours Florent. He also regularly attended the Actors Studio sessions in Los Angeles. Franck's work encompasses both comedy and drama in feature films and plays in France and overseas.

Franck worked with Academy Award Winning Directors and Actors and starred in more than 30 films. He acted in the feature film "Ole" with Academy Award Nominee Gerard Depardieu and "Children of the Century" with Academy Award Winner Juliette Binoche. In 2006, he played the leading part of Mr Bovee in National Geographic’s "Seconds from disaster". He also acted in Japanese language in the French entry to the Oscars 2007, "Orchestra Seats".

As a theater actor, Franck worked on more than 15 plays. In 2007, he produced and acted in Roberto Athayde’s one character interactive play ‘Miss Margarida’s way”. In France and overseas, the play toured for more than 4 years. In 2011, he starred in the "The swallows of Kabul" adapted from the best seller from Yasmina Khadra.

More recently, Franck appeared in the feature film "Drifting", "Olly" and worked with Academy Award Winner Francis Ford Coppola on "Distant Vision". Franck is a member of Write Act Repertory, Theatre Company in North Hollywood, where he performed "The Golf Lesson", "The Actress's new face" and he is part of the company's improv team "Edge 2.0". In 2023, at the Cringe festival, he played Auguste Dupin, first detective ever, created by Edgar Allan Poe.

Franck also works as a Writer, Director, Producer and Communication Consultant ( He has lately translated the successful French comedy "Coup de Griff" and produced/directed his 5th short comedy film "Yes I Cannes" available on Amazon Prime. He currently has 3 feature film projects in development.

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